In the framework of the visit of the representatives of the Diplomatic Mission for Peace and Prosperity (DMPP), specifically the Governor of this Mission, Dr. Shefki Hysa, Dr. Dylbere Dika, General Director of DMPP, Mrs. Gabriela Shehati, Legal Advisors of DMPP and Mr. Edison Shehu, Security Chef of DMPP in the Swiss Federal Parliament, accompanied by the Peace Ambassador of DMPP, the lobbyist Mr. Sali Bislimi, to discuss for Kosovo and the crisis in the north, on the day when Kosovo, KFOR and Swisscoy were in debate in the Kosovo parliament.
Then it never happened to me to judge others for what they wear, let alone their personal lives, but believe me, it took me a few hours of meetings with various personalities of the Swiss Federal Parliament to understand how far we are politically and diplomatically. Together with my colleagues, we met the Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Martin Candinas, who humbly welcomed us and congratulated us for our visit. Friendly and above all very fruitful meetings with the FDP/PLR President Mr. Thierry Burkart, Mrs. Jacqueline de Quattro, Mr. Laurence Fehlman Rielle, Mr. Michelle Matter, Mrs. Marianne Binder Keller, the Senator Mrs. Isabelle Chassot, Mr. Jean Pierre Grin and many others high personalities.
All dressed simply as friends, but with a light of kindness that always beautified their looks. Many senators and ministers welcomed all of us, believe me, no one was guarding them from behind, not even a bodyguard or a police officer… We met representatives of different cantons of Switzerland, charming in their political-diplomatic simplicity, which bring us light and hope for our beloved Kosovo and Albania, still far from true democracy!…

Dr. Dylbere Dika
General Director of DMPP