Protecting our environment 

We are living in times with high technology and mass communications, but on the energetic and environmental level, this is a time of degradation. The great scientific project over the last decades, have been spelled out by too many choices that led the enormous damages to nature.

We must urgently find new solutions to save our planetary eco-system from total destruction: let us take personal responsibility to change ways, let us recognize the preciousness of Mother Earth, and let us choose only those technologies which respect the environment. Naturally, science can be very useful, however we want it non-violent and clean, and that is sustainable.

Nowadays, all the elements of nature are deeply upset by pollution and, through the interdependence of cause and effect which exists between the planet and the human body, our inner world is also contaminated. The mind and body of the human beings make up a microcosm which mirrors the external world: the energies in both universes are exactly the same, although on a different scale. By unbalancing the planetary eco-system we unbalance both our body and our mind. By destroying the Earth we destroy ourselves.

If we understand the interdependence which links all features, and if we analyze both the positive results as well as negative results of our actions upon the environment, we will learn to act in accordance and we will develop the wish and the energy necessary for our planet.
By purifying the elements and the energies of our inner universe, we can positively influence the elements and the energies of entire cosmos. In order to heal our environment it is therefore fundamental that we recognize the existence of our inner world.

To regenerate the eco-system it is not necessary for us to revert to primitive living, we simply must transform our inner attitudes by developing an ecological vision of existence and by facing the problems of our times without fear, but with wisdom and a great sense of responsibility.