Be Educated with Peace…

Free. Light. Without stress. Without problems. Holidays, by definition, are for resting and enjoyment. But, they can also be used for something much more important. Far away from our normal daily commitments, which are marked by the relentless ticking of a clock, we can dedicate ourselves with tranquility to opening our minds: overcoming our prejudices and enriching our inner life through reading good books, intelligent company and meditation.

It is not by chance the word “holiday” can be split “holy” and “day” – allowing us to the spiritual vocation of this time of year… Our minds are very much attracted by the mountains, beaches and forests. Contact with the nature automatically makes the mind more aware of the interdependence of life and phenomena, making us feel more calm and satisfied.

During a holiday, we feel more stimulated and creative, and also more inclined to thinking positively. It is for this reason that we can learn with ease many new things regarding the world, other people and ourselves. Visiting distant placed and talking to different people makes us without a doubt more educated, experienced and wise. Examining our reactions helps us to achieve a new awareness about ourselves and to rediscover the original nature of our mind which is pure like a crystal.

We also use travel to overcome, one by one, our inner-most fears, our mos profound hates and jealousies. In every place that we arrive, we can meditate on our particular torments and problems, but at the moment of departure we should leave them behind – simply abandon them. We have to put our ego under the spotlight to discover that we are generating our own suffering and unhappiness and that the true enemy inside us is exactly the same negative force which continuously pollutes our minds, make our body weak and causes violence in our gestures, in our speech and in our looking – putting all our relationships at a compromise.