Today, more than ever the Human Rights are at risk in this world where many dictatorial states and different dictators take the positions of gangsters and behave like bandits with their citizens, the foreign tourists or with the economically weaker countries.

The gangsters, these modern bandits, are more sophisticated than the former Somali pirates, than the thief Ali Baba who was the leader of forty Arabian thieves, or more than all the pirates of informatics gathered together. These gangsters-dictators like Milosevic of Serbia, Gaddafi of Libya imprison their citizens and torture them in an antihuman way and take away the life of their citizens by killing them traceless, like they were not human beings. The today’s dictators use all the modern technology to enslave their citizens and to win an undeserved absolute power at the expanse of them.

They use that technology that was gifted to us by the distinguished scientists who sacrificed the life and its pleasures, only and only to serve to the humanity with their talent, as the warriors of Peace and Prosperity. To use the latest inventions like the satellites, internet or the nuclear technology to exert terror over their unprotected citizens, but also over the world, over the peaceful citizens, is a gift only for the malicious dictators that are opposite with the God, with divine laws and with the human laws.

So, to be a dictator, are the most perverse ways and the most sophisticated ones to violate the Human Rights ostensibly on behalf of God and the population. And to face such masters of deception is exactly the present challenge of the warriors of Peace and Prosperity organized through dignified organizations which know to well-collaborate with each other under the umbrella of UN. Working for Peace and Prosperity is a gift from God. Not everyone works and sacrifices for peace.

Most of people take care about their comfort by profiting by the others. Every day that pass, we notice the underestimation and the disrespect of the word “Peace”, such an important word, synonym of the word “Paradise”. And, as a consequence, many bad things have come and continue to come over our shocked society from the bad of the divisive wars and from the incurring diseases of poverty… A horrified society by the future now and again hopeless…

The Warriors of Peace are the Warriors of Hope. They, on behalf of God and Justice, are united together all over the world and are trying to aware all peacemaking brothers. The sacrifice for the human society, for a world where prevails the peace, prosperity, the goods and the love for each other and the love for the Savior. The work of the Warriors of Peace is a colossal work, admirable. Each of us must give his contribute to improve and to flourish our planet.

Each of us, can start giving this contribute since the dawn by wishing the welcome to the new day and by donating a warm smile to his family, to his companions and his friends, to the known and unknown people. So, during all seconds that accompany us, during all the day long, we can contribute with good words and behavior to maintain alive the tradition of the Warrior of Peace. That way, we can invite all our beloved people around us to join our cause. So, with the sweet words and behavior full of human love we can be one day great Warriors of Peace, like them who have made the story of the humanity…