Mrs. Anna Shavinyan – Honorary Ambassador of DMPP

Mrs. Anna Shavinyan is honored by Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP) with motivation: For the great commitment and precious contribution in the field of Art, Culture, Education, Civilization, Public Administration, Peace, Prosperity and Humanity, for the inspiration of the social coexistence and intercommunity peace, as a Model Managing Associate of FONS Academy GmbH; as a successful Wife, as a Qualified Teacher for integration courses, as a Coach, as a Social Pedagogic Supporter for Migrants, as a Warrior of Peace, as an Ambassador of Humanity, as a remarkable Civil Society Leader in the Europe, as a Charity, as a Philanthropist, as a Global Peace Missionary, as a well-known Activist of Human Rights, as a Promoter of the Future Missions that bring Peace and Prosperity for all humanity.

Mrs. Anna Shavinyan was awarded with the gold medal “Order of Peace Missionary Saint mother Teresa”.

Mrs. Anna Shavinyan – The Public Businesswomen in support of the German Economy, is Honorary Ambassador of the Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity (DMPP).


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