Everything what’s happen today in the civilized world shows us more than everything the role of “Diplomacy and Peace”, not just as notions, but as the basis of bilateral cooperation for the resolution of international conflicts. Today, more than ever, multilateralism is an approach that requires international cooperation in solving global problems, relying on International Organizations, to find common solutions to global challenges, such as: public health, climate change, the fight against terrorism, sustainable development, etc. Multilateralism is a diplomatic term that refers to cooperation between several nations. US President Barack Obama made multilateralism a central element of US foreign policy under his administration. Given the global nature of multilateralism, multilateral policies are regionally diplomatically intensive. Diplomacy and Peace on the other side, sides of the same coin, are necessary to stop conflicts and promote peace. Diplomacy is an important tool for reaching agreements and promoting good relations between states. Diplomacy can help ease tensions and resolve
problems peacefully. By promoting Diplomacy and Peace, we can help solve global problems and build a more stable and peaceful world for all.