Ambassador William Weiss

William Weiss graduated in Human Services and owns a Master of Art in Psychology. During this time he conducted Ethnic Studies, including Economic, Sociological, Geographic and demographic factors, and Inter-ethnic issues as well.

William Weiss received a Juris Doctorate in Diplomacy and International Law. He has been trained in all areas of law with a focus on diplomatic and international law. In addition, he is also trained in negotiations, mediation, and conflict resolution strategy, essential skills in diplomatic service.

William Weiss is Honorary Consul for the Republic of Malta, serving the State of Washington. Since 2001, he has dealt with different business, trade, economic, and public affairs issues as he has an extensive network of contacts within US Congress and Senate, and also other federal and multiple state-government officials business officers in the United States and Canada.

William Weiss was former Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the Republic of the Marshall Islands. He has assisted Permanent Observer Mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the United Nations in establishing diplomatic contacts with Pacific Island Nations Marshall Islands , Kiribati and Micronesia. He has also coordinated Medical and Humanitarian aid for the Pacific region program of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

William Weiss advocated and coordinated over US$1,000,000 medical aid from US charities Liaison – Department of Health, Education and Social Affairs of the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia. He served as Liaison to U.S and international agencies providing medical aid to the Federated States of Micronesia.

William Weiss served over a dozen times as a grant reviewer for applications from U.S. Universities and Colleges.

William Weiss has been awarded and honored by several countries. He received UNCTAD award for trade & development in Asia. The Duke of Braganza, Portugal awarded him Coat of Arms as Conde.

William Weiss was awarded Knight Grand Cross, St Michael of the Wing, Portugal, Knight of Merit with Star- Constantinian Order , Spain and Knight of Magisterial Grace – Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Italy. He established the Order of Malta in Seattle.

William Weiss was honored as Knight Commander Order of Rizal, Philippines and Knight of the Vitez, Hungary. In South Africa he received a medal from the Brotherhood of the Blessed Gerard Order of Malta.

William Weiss was given the Merit Order of the Blessed Gerard, Order of Malta, Diocese of Patti, Italy.

The Governor of Alabama awarded him Honorary Alabama Admiral, while the Governor of Arkansas awarded him Arkansas Traveler. In Venezuela, William Weiss received the  Gold Medal of Peace. He received in UK the Knight Order of Medieval Knights of London, Lord Major of London.

William Weiss is member of many important institutions such as World Affairs Council, Political Science Association, United Nations Association, Consular Association of Washington, Consular Corps College, World Consular Corps etc.

Since 2011, Dr. William Weiss is the model of Peace Missionary and Honorary Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.


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