Agim Shahini – The Businessman in support of Peace

Agim Shahini was born on 9 March 1963 in Novolan, Vushtrri, Kosovo in a family with early patriotic traditions. He finished the elementary and primary school in Novolan village. Later on, he finished high school in Vushtrri and then decided to continue his studies in economics. He graduated in Economics as one of the best students of his generation.

Agim Shahini started his own business in 1990 and since then he is businessman and owner of Besarti in the sector of Trade and Services. From March 2000 to September 2002, Agim was President and Founder of the Business Association in the Municipality of Vushtrri. During this time he has been engaged in the implementation of DELTA Project, which deals with the development of strategic plans for the Municipality of Vushtrri. He has been also a regular Participant of World Organization of Labor in Geneva (ILO), and participant of World Organization of Trade (WOT). He was also certified in Local Economic Development (LED) in the Open Society Institute in Budapest in 2002-2003.

Agim Shahini is Founder and President of the Alliance of Kosovo Businesses (AKB) since 2002 and he still carries this post.

This body is the main association of voluntary businesses in Kosovo which represents over 10200 businesses with 23 associations and serves to the community of business through the advocacy, training and promotion of products in order to help the development of local economy, incomes growth in sector, employment growth and fulfillment of the requirements of consumers. Since its establishment, AKB has worked on the development of cooperation between the private sector and the public one, including civil society and donor organizations in Kosovo.

Agim Shahini, as president of AKB, leads all the meetings of AKB board, supervises the work, promotes the prosperity and welfare of Alliance , helps the increase of benefits of members from Alliance, and carries out other random assignments. He has done an excellent job during all this time he has governed this institution by being fully devoted to reach the goals and purposes of AKB.

Agim Shahini is Founder and Member of the National Council for Economic Development in the Office of Prime Minister since 2010. He is Member of National Council for Qualification – Ministry of Education and Technology in Kosovo since 2010. Since December 2013, Agim is Leader of the Consultant Council, Customs of Kosovo and Administration of Tax in Kosovo. He is also Member of the Social Economic Council – Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare since 2009. Agim Shahini is Member of the Council of Small and Medium Enterprises – Ministry of Trade and Industry since 2010.

Agim Shahini has been leader of 50 national projects   in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Great Britain , Italy, India and Israel. He has also had several agreements with Local Institutions: Municipality of Pristine, Prizren, Peje, Gjakove, Mitrovice, Gjilan, Ferizaj, Vushtrri, Graçanice and many other municipalities.

Agim Shahini has participated in several important meetings and conferences where he has represented the private sector. Some of these conferences are: The Conference for Economic Development held in London in 2004; The Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Incubators held in Turkey; The Conference for Development of Business in Milano Italy; The Conference for Regional Cooperation held in Thessaloniki and Athens in Greece; The Program for Development of Business Associations held in Washington, USA 2006.

Agim Shahini was certified in the Leadership International Program in 2006, in six states of USA, Washington, Ohio, Florida, Utah, New York, Columbus. He was participant in the drafting of the Plan for the Development of Kosovo, from 2007 to 2013 and also Head of this project in the region of Pristine. He was also participant in the experts group for preparing the negotiations for Kosovo’s status in the Unity Group, in the war damage sector.

Agim Shahini has organized many forums with local and national economic character in Kosovo and beyond. He was signatory of the collective contract between Employees, Employers and Government in March 2014.  Agim Shahini continues to be a leader of peace and diplomatic economy, in many places worldwide, increasing the values of Kosovo in the political and economic aspects.

During his professional career, Agim Shahini has been acknowledged and awarded by several institutions for the remarkable contributions he has given to his country. From 2004 to 2013, more than 15 municipalities of Kosovo have awarded him for the economic collaboration as a sign of gratitude by the country. Agim Shahini has been acknowledged annually by the local business from 2003 to 2013 by the Organization of Kosovo Business Week. During this period of time, there were also several sports clubs that have given him awards on his work.

In 2006, the American State Department of Trade awarded Agim Shahini and four years later the Agency for the Investments Promotion in Geneva acknowledged his contributions and efforts in the field of trade and business. In 2010, the Government of Kosovo acknowledged him for the organization of employment in Kosovo where he provided for the employment of 2600 people.  In 2011, the Business Club Israel-Macedonia gave him an acknowledgement after ascertaining all his achievements in business undertakings.

During 2012 Agim Shahini was acknowledged by several institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia, the Municipality of Presheve, the University of Prizren, and the University Univerzum of Pristine and also by the Albanian Agro-business Council.

During 2013 Agim Shahini received awards and acknowledgement by the Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria – Macedonia, the Business Club Ana e Malit, Ulcinj and also the Club of Elite Industrialists by Bucharest, Romania.

Due to his daily commitment in his work, Agim Shahini has conducted several meetings with important personalities worldwide. He has conducted meetings with eight Presidents of different countries, ten Prime Ministers of several countries and over 50 Ministers from different countries of the world. In addition, Agim Shahini, has had meetings with more than 60 Ambassadors of different countries. Among others, he considers as very important the meetings he has conducted with the Chairman of the International Labor Organization and the Vice-Chairman of the International Trade Organization.

Agim Shahini, as an intellectual erudite with a noble and charitable heart, has helped a lot the social classes in need. He is one of the most committed peace missionaries in the International Lobbying Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, accredited by UN, EU, USA.

Agim Shahini is an Honorary Ambassador and High Commissioner for World Peace of this mission that operates in the Balkans and worldwide for peace and prosperity in help of the countries under development, according to the principles of the American democracy.

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