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The ideas remain ideas, remain idyllic dreams and nostalgya if they are not embraced by energetic people with the soul of action...
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Meeting in Kosova

Meetings in Kosova

Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, time after time, has organized visits with foreign investors and donators in Kosova, with the intent to support financially different projects of communes and business of this new state, which is under development.

Kosova - The Example of Peace in Balkans
17 February 2012. The Republic of Kosova celebrated the 4th anniversary of Independence. It was celebrated in Prishtina, and in Tirana as well. Kosova's Embassy in Tirana organized the celebrations in a Conference Room of Sheraton Hotel, Tirana. Kosova celebrated in the heart of mother land, in the heart of Albania. There participated the most senior politicians and officials of Kosova and Albania. There participated also the representatives of the diplomatic corpus.

Advices for the Warriors of Peace
Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity as an international organization that lobbies for peace, especially deals with personalities of U.S. policy and democracy not only for the fact that they are one of the most developed and powerful states' union, but for the democratic governance model they have chose, a model that offers peace, prosperity and stability to their citizens and friendly countries which aspire for democracy and peace.

The peace is represented by the best
Albert Arapi, American citizen, resident in Detroit, originating from Albania, is one the best boys in the community where he lives. He is dedicated to business but he has never forgot that before being a rich man, firstly is needed to be a good man, beloved with the family, relatives, with friends and peers, so, to be an intellectual with humanitarian spirit and ready to make sacrifices for the surrounding society.


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