Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy – A Noble Man between Diplomacy and Humanity

Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy was born on 8th August 1971 in India. He finished his elementary and high school studies in his birthplace. Since his young age, he was distinguished at school as a student with remarkable skills. After finishing high school, he continued his studies in the field of economics in Madras University and graduated in 1992 as one of the best students of his generation. Chakkaravarthy decided to develop further his skills and got his Master degree of Bank Management from Alagappa University in 2001. In 2007, he received a CAIIB from Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai and in 2008 a PGDFA (Financial Advising) from IIB & F, Mumbai.

In addition to his educational background, Chakkaravarthy has received many certificates in several courses that he has participated, such as Visual Basic and Oracle 8I, NSDL – Depository Operation, and Derivatives Dealer & Capital Market Dealer. He also own certificates in Trade Finance and Anti Money Laundering for his professional skills on these fields.

Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy has a rich experience of nearly 19 years in Credit Operations, Credit Risk Management, Portfolio Management and Team Management.  He started working with the Indian Bank in May 1992 as one of the most skillful and devoted economists of this bank until August 2008 at various cities in India.  During this time, Chakkaravarthy decided to move to Albania and was appointed as Head of Credit & Credit Risk Management with International Commercial Bank, Tirana, Albania. He worked in this bank from November 2008 until August 2011 and he gave his priceless contribution for this bank and all its clients.

From October 2011 to December 2012, Chakkaravarthy worked as Adviser of Finance & Business Development for Uldedaj Group of Companies in Tirana, Albania. Since January 2013 he works as financial consultant for international clients in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and India. Currently, Chakkaravarthy is Director of Indo Balkan Group Shpk, in Tirana, Director of Sharp Prospect Investment Limited, Hong Kong and Director of Hitech Minerals & Mining Investment Shpk in Tirana, Albania.

During his professional career, Chakkaravarthy has been highlighted for many achievements in the posts that he has carried. He has received the special Bonus for reduction of NPL to the least level for the year 2009 and was graded as Successful Head of Credit of the Bank among the Group Banks in other countries. He managed the SSI Credit, Agricultural Credit, HR and Lead Bank Departments at the Indian Bank and functioned as a member of the Senior Management committee, Country Loan Committee, ALCO and Audit Committee of the Bank in Albania. In addition, he was Leader of the SME / corporate credit processing and Credit Control Team.

Chakkaravarthy possesses rich experience in analyzing the credit proposals of corporate, SME and retail banking. He owns great skills in creating new products suitable for the market and he was member of various committees of top management of the bank. He has exhaustive knowledge in credit, recovery, ratios, risk management, stress test analysis, CBS system loans maintenance, etc. He is a keen planner with the flair for implementing innovative strategies for accelerated growth of the organization.

Chakkaravarthy is well versed with SWIFT Messaging, NPL Recovery and FX Transactions. Maintaining CTQ (Critical to Quality) / CTP (Critical to Process) targets and involved in planning for process. His skills include also: providing assistance in devising and effectuating customer delight programs as well as maintaining minimum TAT; interacting & developing rapport with all external / internal constituents of client at all levels; for maximum client retention and achievement of revenues.

Chakkaravarthy is proficient in steering bottom line profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of available resources and is able to provide effective resource planning / optimization, focusing on cost reduction, enhancing productivity and profitability. During his professional career, he has acquired extensive experience in supervising and rendering quality customer service and is now a thorough professional with a proactive attitude, capable of thinking in and out of the box with strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities.

Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy, as an erudite intellectual with a noble and charitable heart, has helped a lot the social classes in need. He supports the students from  poor families, whose parents are not able to pay for the continuation of their education, even though those students are qualified with very high grades in their present class.  Chakkaravarthy selects those students and pays for their education and other expenses to complete their graduation and provides education to them on how to support others as well.

In addition, Chakkaravarthy along with his collaborators organize seminars and awareness conferences to promote mental health with the support of high profile doctors from India, in Albania.

Recently they have registered their organization called “Munuswamy Charitable Trust”, in India to help the students at all levels for continuing their education.  They also work with other welfare organizations and extend maximum possible support in the form of financial assistance.

Chakkaravarthy is one of the most committed peace missionaries in the International Lobbying Organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, accredited by UN, EU, USA.

Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy is an Honorary Consul of this mission that operates in the Balkans and worldwide for peace and prosperity in help of the countries under development, according to the principles of the American democracy.

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