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The ideas remain ideas, remain idyllic dreams and nostalgya if they are not embraced by energetic people with the soul of action...
( Richard Holbrooke )

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Adresa: Rr. “Donika Kastrioti”
P. 14, ap. 3E
Tirana, Albania
Tel: +355 42 400 175

Technology with DMPP
God blesses Albania!

I am really surprised with Albania and Albanians. For me, it was a nice surprise visiting Albania, especially the reception of the staff of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity. It was really very exciting the new experience that you offered me by meeting your partners. So unexpected and wonderful was especially the experience of being part of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity not only as a member of its staff, but also as a Honorary President.


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  • I feel especially pampered, honored, and shocked by your assessments about my personality as a strong woman, wonderful, powerful investor, Peace Missionary, Goodwill Ambassador, promotional of future technology, etc. To be honest, you have put me in sensibility to be worthy part of Albania with my investments, to be a powerful lobbyist as no one before for Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity.
    Actually, what I have seen in Albania is that it needs development. It is a wonderful country and a high technology will make it a paradise. And, being part of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, I really endorse my help in this kind country and with the highest efficiency. That means that I invest in a peaceful manner the high technology that we offer. Offering magnetic trains is high standard of course, but firstly we need to protect our environment.
    That's why we choose a technology without rumors, without healing the environment, without dust, and the list goes on. Despite being an investor of high technology, firstly I am aware of what may cause to humanity the destruction of environment, and that why I am really in to protect the nature.

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