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    (Ambassador Dr. Haissam Bou-Said)

    After ending the Study in Geneva in International Relation and International Law and during the ruling office of the Late President of Liberia Samuel K. Doe, Ambassador Dr. Haissam Bou-Said was appointed as the Sole Agent by the Liberian Senate in October 1987 and exercise the office from Geneva at the Liberian Permanent Mission attached to the United Nations. Dr. Bou-Said remained in the office until the Coup D`Etat that took place in the Republic of Liberia in 1990. Later on he continued his education and registered in Medical Studies and graduated in 2000 as Medical Doctor emphasized in Cardio Care Therapy.
    Dr. Shefki Hysa
    Ambassador Haissam Bou-Said
    In 2008 he was appointed as Ambassador at Large to Lebanon and the Middle East at the World Organization For Natural Medicine (WONM) where he attended and launched many seminars to implement the idea of going back to Natural and Traditional Cures after reviewing many catastrophe and medical failure within the conventional treatments in what is medically known as Chronic Diseases.
    In June 2009 and during his attendance in an International Medical Conference organized by WONM, Ambassador Dr. Bou-Said had the opportunity to join the International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP) on the 9th of August 2009 and ended with the Diplomatic position as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.
    In 2010 he joined the International Human Rights Organization and later on at the International Human Rights Commission as Ambassador at Large to Lebanon and the Middle East. Later on he was promoted to the level of Secretary General to the Middle East on the 18th of June 2013.
    Nominated in April 13, 2013 as Ambassador at Large to the Diplomatic Mission For Prosperity And Peace (DMPP) as well as Worldwide Secretary General of the International Human Rights Observatory.
    On January 7, 2014 he was nominated as Worldwide Secretary General of the European Department For Security And Information (DESI). Finally, he is also occupying two main Diplomatic post: 1- Diplomatic Advisor of the Prime Minister of the Republic Guinee Bissau 2- Minister Foreign Affairs of the International Parliament nominated in the United States of America in November 2014.
    Most of these accreditations are being registered within the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Justice Minister office in Lebanon.
    Among his awards and nominees it is worth mentioning the Volunteer Service Award given by the President of USA / National community Service. In 2005 he received a Honorary Doctorate from the National Academy Of Physical Culture. In 2009 the Academy Of Universal Global Peace (AUGP) conferred him a Honoris Causa Degree.
    Dr. Haissam Bou Said has also written several books: Cardiovascular Diseases Along with the Cupping Surgery in English Language, The Heart (Diseases and Treatments) in Arabic Language, Intellective differences between the Dullness Celestial in Arabic language.
    Dr. Haissam Bou Said is a Member of the Cultural, Environment, Information Committee in Lebanon. He is Educational Consultant for the MEA Delegate of the Birsham International University. He is also Head Committee for International affairs at the Industrial And Trade Association in Aley, Lebanon.
    Board Certification and Medical Registration: 1- WORLD ORGANIZATION OF NATURAL MEDICINE (Doctor Humanitarian Services) 2- AMERICAN ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION - AAMA (Alternative Medical Practitioner) 3- INTERNATIONAL ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION – IAMA (Associate Member- Medicine Doctor). 4- INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE - IBAM (Registered Medical Practitioner). 5- CANADIAN EXAMINING BOARD FOR HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER (Medicine Doctor – Registered and Certified Natural Health Practitioner).

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